Drabble for Baneofgothamsexistence

So Baneofgothamsexistence requested two christmas drabbles and I’m finally done!

These are the two prompts:

White Christmas: The two character enjoy a morning snowfall on Christmas

Let it Snow: One of the characters surprises the other with a snowball fight

Under the cut cause it’s a little long. Hope you like it!

Anna sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. The sun had been up for less than an hour and already Anna felt like she’d run a marathon and a half. It was Christmas morning so of course Angel had felt the need to wake her up at the most ungodly hour by bouncing on the bed and chanting, “It’s Christmas Mama, it’s Christmas! You need to get up! It’s Christmas!”  

Moaning, she glanced at her phone and then proceeded to hide under her pillow. 5:34. In the morning. No, this was not happening. She proceeded to ignore Angel’s constant pleas until she heard the nine year old walk away. Sighing, she rolled her eyes before she finally got out of bed. Making her way to the main area, she wasn’t surprised to see the rest of the kids already up and seated around the table.

James looked up as Anna entered the room and shot her a pleading look. His hair was still unbrushed and he looked as if he was ready to fall asleep right there.  Laughing, she gave a slight shake of her head. If they were all up, they were all going to stay up.

"Alright," she said, addressing the five kids. "Now that the little devil has gotten us all up-" At this point, Angel was on the receiving end of four angry glares to which she responded with a huge grin. "It’s time to get our Christmas started. I’ll start the pancakes, if Lily-Anne wouldn’t mind starting the hot chocolate. James, help Angel and Ryan clear and set the table." Glancing around at the four tired faces and the one beaming one, she laughed and said, "Okay team, go!"

They  managed to get through their breakfast with minor problems and only one plate being dropped on the floor. Once they were done cleaning up, Angel started to jump up and down, chanting, “Presents! Presents! Presents!” It wasn’t long until Ryan and Lily-Anne started to chant alongside her, that Anna started to sigh. “Okay, okay!” she shouted above them and waved her arms to get their attention. The three of them quieted down immediately and as soon as Anna opened her mouth, Ryan asked,” Presents?” Rolling her eyes at him, she smiled. “Yes, presents! But later. It’s not even seven yet and I want to go outside for a bit.” Looking around at them, she asked, “So outside for a while and then presents? Does this work for you?”

Angel and Ryan looked like they were about to argue, but James quickly put his hands over their mouths. “Yes, it does.” The two youngest glared up at him but he simply shrugged. He figured he could escape all their hyperness outside.

It took them a while, but finally everyone was dressed to go outside which started The Great Race Out of the Warehouse: 2012. By the time Anna made it out, the kids were already covered in snow, even James and Sarah, who were being pelted with snowballs by the other three. Anna smiled at her kids, feeling unbelievably happy that they were hers.

Resting one hand on her stomach, her smile tightened a bit as she thought of the being growing in her. Already, she’d had to go find clothing that was a little bigger and during these times, that meant borrowing some of the liberators clothes.

So lost in her thoughts, it wasn’t until Bane was almost next to her that she realised the masked mercenary was out here. “Good morning Bane!” she said with a cheerful smile. The man simply nodded at her and murmured, “The good is debatable.” Looking out where the kids were playing, he added, “Is it not too early for the little ones to be up?”

"Normally yes, but it’s Christmas so Angel gets everyone up nice and early. Why are you…oh." Looking up at him, she asked guiltily, "Angel didn’t happen to pop into your room this morning, did she?"

If looks could kill, Anna would have found herself in the process of being roasted over a fire. Slowly. She knew she should feel bad for Bane but she couldn’t help the giggles that escaped her. The idea of Angel just waltzing in on John and Bane was too funny. “She felt that it was necessary to inform John and myself of the day. Loudly. And repeatedly.”

"She didn’t jump on the bed, did she?" Anna was almost scared to ask, but she knew what her daughter was like Christmas morning. As Bane’s glare deepened, Anna could feel herself shrinking. "Oh god, Bane I’m so sorry. I’m not used to living with other people who don’t know what she’s like on days. Just a warning, she’s like this on her birthday as well."

Bane sighed and reached up to grasp his vest. They stood in silence until Anna’s shoulders started to shake. Staring down at the woman beside her, Bane narrowed his eyes. Was she alright? “Anna…?” She waved him off with a hand and quickly got herself under control. When she finally looked up at him, she couldn’t hide the huge grin that had made its way onto her face. “Just the idea of Angel waking you guys up, I keep having these images pass through my head.”

Bane let out another sigh. Where was the respect that his liberators were supposed to have for him? When did it become acceptable for them to bake him chocolate chip cookies? Not that the cookies were a bad thing; if anything, they were one of the good things that Gotham could produce. But it was Christmas and even though it was not something that affected him, he could see how important it was to Anna and her kids. “It was not…unamusing,” he admitted. “Just surprising.”

A small smile lit up Anna’s face at his admission. “I’ll bet,” she murmured. Watching the kids engaging in a full out snowball war, she felt happy enough to burst. Just for right now, there was no  liberation happening, no death, no kidnappings. It was Christmas and she was spending it with the people she loved. “Merry Christmas Bane,” she said softly.

He looked down in surprise but it quickly turned into something dangerously close to affection. “Merry Christmas Anna.”

They continued to watch the kids play and it would have been the perfect morning if it hadn’t been for that one snowball. None of the kids were sure who had thrown it (although Lily-Anne swears it wasn’t her) but everyone could agree that it had not been a smart move.

Bane had turned to go back into the warehouse, when it happened. Out of nowhere, one single snowball flew towards its destiny: the back of Bane’s head. It connected and upon impact, the world went silent. All the kids watched in horror as he slowly turned around, each prepared to run very fast.

Without saying a word, Bane bent over and scooped up five snowballs. He calmly turned and threw each one at a respective kid before heading back into the warehouse without a word. If anyone were to notice the small smile on his face or the hint of amusement in his eyes, they would simply chalk it up to the reflection of the light or a shadow.

Outside, it was Sarah’s laughter that broke the kids shocked silence. Slowly, the rest of the family began to grin before they dissolved into giggles. No one could believe what had just happened and they knew no one else would. It would remain a story that only was talked about at Christmas and only when it was just them. It was their little secret and it would stay that way forever.

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